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SubjectRepeatable hang on boot with PCMCIA card present
[I sent the following to the person responsible for the patch but
haven't heard anything so I assume he's unavailable...]


With recent kernel releases I have started seeing consistent hangs
during boot when a PCMCIA card is present in the slot (the card in
question is a Linksys wireless-B card). The symptoms are:

If the card is present during boot an error of "Unknown interrupt
or fault at EIP ..." appears.

If the card is not present there is no error.

The card can be plugged-in post-boot without problems.

Using git-bisect I have narrowed down the error to one commit, namely
"use bitfield instead of p_state and state". The commit# is


However I am still seeing this problem with the latest -RC releases.

Additional information:

Machine: Dell Inspiron 8100
Distribution: Ubuntu Dapper

Please let me know if you need any more information.

Steve Smith
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