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SubjectRe: R: Linux kernel source archive vulnerable

>> In any case, regardless of whether this is by design or not, it is not
>> courteous to your users to distribute tar files where all the files have
>> permissions 0666. That's not a user-friendly to do.
>I disagree.
>(1) Some systems use per-user groups and create all files group-writeable
>by default, i.e., they set the umask to 002. If you want to be user-friendly,
>you should respect this setting, so the permissions in the tar archives you
>distribute should be 666.
>(2) People extracting random archives as root with preserving permissions
>(and owners) are relying on *ALL* archive creators using what they suppose
>are the right permissions, which is at least simple-minded, if not completely
>silly. If you want to help such users, you should do so by helping them
>understand they do a wrong thing and not by hiding the problem in a single
>specific case.

And for those who -- for whatever reason -- extract kernelballs as root,
should go use --no-same-permission.

Jan Engelhardt
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