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SubjectRe: [ckrm-tech] [PATCH] BC: resource beancounters (v4) (added user memory)
On Mon, Sep 11, 2006 at 11:02:06AM +0400, Pavel Emelianov wrote:
> Sure. At the beginning I have one task with one BC. Then
> 1. A thread is spawned and new BC is created;

Why do we have to create a BC for every new thread? A new BC is needed
for every new service level instead IMO. And typically there wont be
unlimited service levels.

> 2. New thread touches a new page (e.g. maps a new file) which is charged
> to new BC
> (and this means that this BC's must stay in memory till page is
> uncharged);
> 3. Thread exits after serving the request, but since it's mm is shared
> with parent
> all the touched pages stay resident and, thus, the new BC is still
> pinned in memory.
> Steps 1-3 are done multiple times for new pages (new files).
> Remember that we're discussing the case when pages are not recharged.

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