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SubjectRe: 2.6.18-rc5-mm1
On Fri, 1 Sep 2006 18:39:27 -0700, Andrew Morton <> wrote:

>On Sat, 02 Sep 2006 11:06:15 +1000
>Grant Coady <> wrote:
>> On Fri, 1 Sep 2006 01:58:18 -0700, Andrew Morton <> wrote:
>> >
>> >
>> ...
>> >- See the `hot-fixes' directory for any important updates to this patchset.
>> >
>> Okay, I applied hotfixes and it crashed on boot,
>There's another hotfix there now:
>If that doesn't prevent the crash, please try to get a trace out of it
>> keyboard LEDs flashing: Repeating message, hand copied:
>> atkbd.c: Spurious ACK in isa0060/serio0. Some program might be trying access
>Yes, one of my machine does that when it crashes too. It makes the crash
>information scroll off the screen in about half a second, which isn't very

Dmitry's patch stopped the LEDs but gave VFS no root device error, make no
sense to me so I start over...

Apply 2.6.18-rc5-mm1, then:
File: drivers-md-kconfig-fix-block-dependency.patch
File: provide-kernel_execve-on-all-architectures-fix-2.patch
File: provide-kernel_execve-on-all-architectures-fix-3.patch
File: revert-acpi-mwait-c-state-fixes.patch
File: revert-ide-hpa-resume-fix.patch

Falls over, looping, after a VFS no root message :(

Apply Dmitry's patch...

Okay, we're not doing the silly looping:

Error is same as previously reported.

A couple blank menu screens in other areas, make oldconfig doesn't :(

WTF happened to SATA support? Where's it hiding now? Found it...

Okay, boots --> Needs Dmitry's non-looping patch so errors don't scroll off
screen. Problem was SATA moved to new window and `make oldconfig` didn't ;)


VGER BF report: H 6.04481e-06
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