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SubjectRe: Univeral Protocol Driver (using UNDI) in Linux
> >
> > I'm sure having a single driver for all the NICs is a feature cool
> > enough to die for. Yes, it might have drawbacks like just pointed out
> > by Peter, but surely a "single driver for all NIC" feature could prove
> > to be great in some systems.
> >
> Assuming it works, which is questionable in my opinion.
> > But since it does not already exist in the kernel, there must be some
> > technical feasibility isse. Any ideas on this?
> No, that's not the reason. The Intel code was ugly, and the limitations
> made other people not want to spend any time hacking on it.

Hi ... so there seem to be no technical feasibily issues, just
reliabliy / ugly design issues? So one can still go ahead and write a
Universal Protocol Driver that can work with all (PXE compatible)

Are there any issues related to real mode / protected mode?


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