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SubjectRe: [PATCH] please review mcs7830 (DeLOCK USB etherner) driver
On Monday 07 August 2006 16:54, David Hollis wrote:
> These values are dupes of the MII_xxxx constants from linux/mii.h.  It
> would be clearer and more consistent to use those instead


> These values are device specific so you would want to define them here.
> Following the MII_xxxxx naming convention may be helpful.


> > +
> > +static DEFINE_MUTEX(mcs7830_phy_mutex);
> > +
> Does this need to be global?  Isn't it really just to prevent
> simultaneous access to the adapters PHY?  What if you have multiple
> adapters installed?

It's very rarely held, so I don't expect this to be a bottleneck,
even with a large number of adapters.

The implementation is slightly simpler this way, but I can move
the mutex to struct usbnet instead if you prefer.

> > +     dev->in = usb_rcvbulkpipe(dev->udev, 1);
> > +     dev->out = usb_sndbulkpipe(dev->udev, 2);
> Couldn't you use usbnet_getendpoints() here.  It will also pick up the
> status pipe.

Yes. usbnet_getendpoints() didn't work at first, but I think
I found the problem with it now. I'll change that once I
have the interrupts sorted out.

> use MII_BMSR here instead of the magic value '1'.


Arnd <><
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