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    SubjectRe: [RFC, PATCH 0/5] Going forward with Resource Management - A cpu controller
    >>I think the risk is that OpenVZ has all the controls and resource
    >>managers we need, while CKRM is still more research-ish. I find the
    >>OpenVZ code much clearer, cleaner and complete at the moment, although
    >>also much more conservative in its approach to solving problems.
    > I think it would be nice to compare first the features provided by ckrm and
    > openvz at some point and agree upon the minimum common features we need to have
    > as we go forward. For instance I think Openvz assumes that tasks do
    > not need to move between containers (task-groups), whereas ckrm provides this
    > flexibility for workload management. This may have some effect on the
    > controller/interface design, no?
    OpenVZ assumes that tasks can't move between task-groups for a single reason:
    user shouldn't be able to escape from the container.
    But this have no implication on the design/implementation.

    BTW, do you see any practical use cases for tasks jumping between resource-containers?


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