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SubjectRe: Was: boot failure, "DWARF2 unwinder stuck at 0xc0100199"
>>> Borislav Petkov <> 29.08.06 10:53 >>>
> I just read that unwinder thread and I think I have yet another case of
> unwinder backtrace that comes up together with the recursive deadlock
> protection backtrace and this happens with 18-rc5 so I thought I should
> report it before .18 is released:
>Aug 29 10:21:22 zmei kernel: [ 383.485261] [<c0105393>] do_IRQ+0xc3/0xd0
>Aug 29 10:21:22 zmei kernel: [ 383.489393] [<c0103521>] common_interrupt+0x25/0x2c
>Aug 29 10:21:22 zmei kernel: [ 383.494387] DWARF2 unwinder stuck at common_interrupt+0x25/0x2c
>Aug 29 10:21:22 zmei kernel: [ 383.500304] Leftover inexact backtrace:

Unfortunately this leaves unclear whether there was anything reported in
the leftover portion.
And in all cases, a sufficiently long raw stack trace is needed to analyse this.
Ideally a matching would also be attached.


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