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SubjectRe: [PATCH] cpuset: hotunplug cpus and mems in all cpusets
On Mon, 28 Aug 2006 23:08:24 -0700
Paul Jackson <> wrote:

> The cpuset code handling hot unplug of CPUs or Memory Nodes
> was incorrect - it could remove a CPU or Node from the top
> cpuset, while leaving it still in some child cpusets.
> One basic rule of cpusets is that each cpusets cpus and mems
> are subsets of its parents. The cpuset hot unplug code
> violated this rule.
> So the cpuset hotunplug handler must walk down the tree,
> removing any removed CPU or Node from all cpusets.
> However, it is not allowed to make a cpusets cpus or mems
> become empty. They can only transition from empty to non-empty,
> not back.
> So if the last CPU or Node would be removed from a cpuset by
> the above walk, we scan back up the cpuset hierarchy, finding
> the nearest ancestor that still has something online, and copy
> its CPU or Memory placement.

Did you consider failing the hotremove request instead?
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