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SubjectRe: [Devel] [PATCH 6/6] BC: kernel memory accounting (marks)
Dave Hansen wrote:
> I'm still a bit concerned about if we actually need the 'struct page'
> pointer. I've gone through all of the users, and I'm not sure that I
> see any that _require_ having a pointer in 'struct page'. I think it
> will take some rework, especially with the pagetables, but it should be
> quite doable.
don't worry:
1. we will introduce a separate patch moving this pointer
into mirroring array
2. this pointer is still required for _user_ pages tracking,
that's why I don't follow your suggestion right now...

> vmalloc:
> Store in vm_struct
> fd_set_bits:
> poll_get:
> mount hashtable:
> Don't need alignment. use the slab?
> pagetables:
> either store in an extra field of 'struct page', or use the
> mm's. mm should always be available when alloc/freeing a
> pagetable page
> Did I miss any?
flocks, pipe buffers, task_struct, sighand, signal, vmas,
posix timers, uid_cache, shmem dirs,

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