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SubjectRe: Is stopmachine() preempt safe?
On Mon, 2006-08-28 at 16:36 +1000, Keith Owens wrote:
> There is a lot of code in the kernel that runs cpu_online_map without
> taking any locks and without disabling preemption. Obviously we do not
> want all that code to lock or disable preemption, it will kill
> scalability.

There is actually not much code which should use cpu_online_map. Code
which does must be careful: you generally need to think about handling
cpu hotplug notifiers as well as the map changing underneath you.

Doing a brief audit, ignoring the already-acknowledged cpufreq code and
arch-specifics, I can see these cases which seem suspicious:

- I assume this is relying on some other mechanism so the cpu
doesn't get onlined?
- A couple of other num_online_cpus() there in ACPI might need a
rethink for hotplug CPU though.

./kernel/irq/proc.c: irq_affinity_write_proc()
- seems complicated, but I think migration.c handles when cpus
gone offline?

- needs to handle hotplug cpus (or just say don't do that?)

- seems to be using num_online_cpus as a really poor heuristic,
and incorrectly (for i = 0; i < num_online_cpus(); i++) <-- i is
not a valid CPU number!).

- suspicious, code here, too.

./net/core/dev.c: net_dma_rebalance()
- This is a heuristic, which may be OK.
./net/core/dev.c: softnet_get_online()
- It'd be nice if net/dev/core.c used cpu_possible() not
cpu_online() to report stats, so they don't get lost from
offlined CPUs.

./net/core/pktgen.c: pg_init()
- Assumes no CPU plugging, but is a pretty specialized driver.

(Other uses get away with being in initcalls, or on platforms without
hotplug CPU).

Disappointingly, none of these would be fixed by changing the semantics
of stop_machine; they rely on the online cpus and must take action when
they change, whether they are reading the online_cpu_map at the time or

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