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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Fix the EDD code misparsing the command line
Petr Vandrovec wrote:
>> +
>> +# Old-style boot protocol?
>> +old_cl:
>> + push %ds # aka INITSEG
>> + pop %fs
>> +
>> + cmpw $0xa33f, (0x20)
>> + jne done_cl # No command line at all?
>> + movw (0x22), %si # Pointer relative to INITSEG
> Perhaps you should convert ds:si to flat pointer and then this flat
> pointer to fs:si using method above, to avoid problems with dword access
> with si > 0xfffc or word access with si > 0xfffe ?
>> +
>> +# fs:si has the pointer to the command line now
>> +have_cl_pointer:
>> +
>> # loop through kernel command line one byte at a time
>> -cl_loop:
>> - cmpl $EDD_CL_EQUALS, (%si)
>> +cl_atspace:
>> + movl %fs:(%si), %eax
> This looks fine for new boot protocol, but what if old boot protocol
> puts command line so that its last byte is at INITSEG:0xffff ? You get
> #GP here, then, although command line is correctly zero terminated and
> does not overflow segment.

With the old protocol, the command line is supposed to fit inside the
64K segment, so I don't think that's an issue. Putting "Hail Mary"
break at 0xfffd isn't a bad idea, though (especially since even if that
is legitimate, we can't fit "edd=" into that one.)

> If si is 0xfffb here, bad things happen. I know, things I've pointed
> out should not be problem in real world, and new code is definitely
> better than old one, but if you already have code to avoid endless loop
> if command line points to 64KB array of 0xFF let's do that right, no?

Agreed. I'll update the patch shortly.

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