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    Dear Sir,

    I got your email contacts here in asylum camp where i
    currently reside as a refuge and decided to contact you with faith for
    this help. My mind tells me that I will be more secured with a
    foreigner who doesn't know me and that is what gave me the courage and
    confidence to contact you. It is my pleasure to contact you though I
    have not met with you before pleading you for this
    help, but i want
    you to consider it as the will of God for my knowing who you are.

    am Ms. Grace Morgan 24 years old, the only daughter of the former
    minister for Defence and Interior in Sierra Leone Engr. Dan Morgan.
    There is this($5,500,000.00 DOLLARS) which my late father kept in a
    bank before he was assassinated by unknown persons from the rebels
    after the new political crisis in my country.Sir I waited for so long
    before I decided to recover the money to start up my life in your
    country or anywhere save enough outside Africa for security of my life.
    I want you to help me claim and retrive the money from the bank with
    the documents I have here with me and transfer it into your personal
    account in your country for my future life purposes and on profitable
    investment. Please if you can be of assistance to me, I will be pleased
    for you tell me what you will be your offer out of the total money so I
    can use the rest to start up my life.

    Please Sir, I want you to know
    that it will require money according to the bank on my last discussion
    with the manager,this is the reason I cried unto you for Godly help to
    get this money out of the bank.

    I await your soonest response through
    here if you can consider my plight and help me out.

    Yours faithfully,

    Ms. Grace Morgan

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