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SubjectRe: Scsi errors with Megaraid 300-8x
Mark Lord wrote:
> Johan Groth wrote:


> Basically, given an I/O request for 200 sectors, with a bad sector
> in the middle at number 100, what SCSI will often do is fail sectors
> number 1 through 100, one at a time, retrying the entire remainder of
> the request after each attempt. This takes hours, and results in no
> data for the first 99 good sectors.

So what you are saying is that after the move to a new box and a new
mobo a sector has gone bad on that raid slice? Weird, as I was very
careful this those drives when I moved them.

I mean, the raid controller is the same, the cpus are the same, just
more of them, the pci-x bus the same so I didn't expect any problems at

I was also under the impression that SATA raid controllers work like
SCSI raid controllers in the way that if a bad sector is encountered the
controller moves what it can and the mark the sector as bad. I might be
very wrong about that, though.

However, if I have a bad sector I would like to have that one marked as
bad so the kernel never tries to read it again. Any suggestions how I do
that. I assume I have to boot something like Knoppix as sda is my system


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