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SubjectRe: [Fastboot] [PATCH] x86_64: Reload CS when startup_64 is used.
"Magnus Damm" <> writes:

> Hi Eric,
> On 8/22/06, Eric W. Biederman <> wrote:
>> In long mode the %cs is largely a relic. However there are a few cases
>> like lret where it matters that we have a valid value. Without this
>> patch it is possible to enter the kernel in startup_64 without setting
>> %cs to a valid value. With this patch we don't care what %cs value
>> we enter the kernel with, so long as the cs shadow register indicates
>> it is a privileged code segment.
>> Thanks to Magnus Damm for finding this problem and posting the
>> first workable patch. I have moved the jump to set %cs down a
>> few instructions so we don't need to take an extra jump. Which
>> keeps the code simpler.
>> Signed-of-by: Eric W. Biederman <>
> While at it, could you please fix up the purgatory code in kexec-tools
> to include this fix so we can boot older versions of the kernel too?

I guess I'm not opposed to a patch but I have some serious reservations
about a solution that limits my address to 32bits in 64bit mode, and
appears to break the gdt used for entering the 32bit kernel.

I'm up way to late tonight. I just wanted to resolve the situation
when it was clear what was going on.

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