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SubjectRe: boot failure, "DWARF2 unwinder stuck at 0xc0100199"
>> >Guys, this unwinder change has been quite problematic.  We really cannot
>> >let this badness out into 2.6.18 - it degrades our ability to debug every
>> >subsystem in the entire kernel. Would marking it CONFIG_BROKEN get us back
>> >to 2.6.17 behaviour?
>> I'd prefer pushing into 2.6.18 some of the patches currently scheduled for
>> 2.6.19 over marking it CONFIG_BROKEN. But that's clearly not my decision.
>Hmm, which patches did you want? I got a double digit number of unwind
>related patches already, some of them quite intrusive, and all of them would be clearly
>too much. My preference for 2.6.18 would be really only absolutely critical stuff
>because I'm paranoid of breaking more.

I was thinking of the fixes to the fallback logic and the bottom-of-stack annotations.

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