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SubjectRe: [MPlayer-users] Weird behaviour in ide-scsi driven dvd playback with 2.6.17.x
> > Aug 19 18:06:33 beethoven kernel: Buffer I/O error on device sr1,
> > logical block 4496

> Sounds like kernel-side problem. ide-scsi says it have problem reding
> data from the media, whereas ide-cd does not have the problem.
> Does this happen while you just copy the file with cp?

It turns out you were right, while I can mount the dvd quite normally:
# mount /dev/dvd -t udf /mnt/dvd
Device /dev/dvd is write-protected, mounting read-only.
UDF-fs INFO UDF (2004/29/09) Mounting volume 'SOLIDARNOSC', timestamp 2036/02/07 03:58 (1078)

but any attempt to copy the file results in such kernel message.

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