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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Drop second arg of unregister_chrdev()
    Jonathan Corbet wrote:
    > > * "name" is trivially unused.
    > > * Requirement to pass to unregister function anything but cookie you've
    > > got from register counterpart is wrong.
    > Might this, instead, be an opportunity to get rid of the internal
    > register_chrdev() and unregister_chrdev() calls in favor of the cdev
    > interface? register_chrdev() is a bit of a backward-compatibility hack
    > at this point, and cdevs, in theory, are safer since they won't present
    > drivers with minor numbers they might not be prepared to handle.

    In this case I would suggest to add documentation to this functions first to
    get people the chance to actually know how to use them.

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