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SubjectRe: Daily crashes, incorrect RAID behaviour
> Rule of thumb (and a good one). If the soft reboot and BIOS cannot
> recover the disk then the disk is the problem. There isn't really
> anything we can tell the drive to do which should make it take a hike
> and ignore a reset sequence. (Should.. however..)

Makes sense. I will focus my attention on the disks now (which makes
sense not only because of your information).

> > DriveReadySeekComplete (I do not recall the exact words, sorry) for one disk
> Pity the exact text is essential.

Here is the exact message I saw a few weeks ago (posted in here):

ata4: handling error/timeout
ata4: port reset, p_is 0 is 0 pis 0 cmd c017 tf 7f ss 0 se 0
ata4: status=0x50 { DriveReady SeekComplete }
sdd: Current: sense key=0x0
ASC=0x0 ASCQ=0x0
Info fid=0x0

To my knowledge this time it did not look different at all.

> I assume you've run memtest86 and also checked temperatures look good
> around all the disks.

Of course. I even replaced the mainboard (screwdriver accident..) and
power supply (too weak). And I now know that the sata cables I used at
first did not cause the problems :)

Carsten Otto
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