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    SubjectRe: [RHEL5 PATCH 2/4] VFS: Make inode numbers 64-bits
    On Mon, Aug 14, 2006 at 10:15:09PM +0100, David Howells wrote:
    > Make the in-kernel representations of inode number 64-bit in size at a minimum
    > as some network filesystems (eg: NFS) and local filesystems (eg: XFS) provide
    > such.
    > The 64-bit inode number will be returned through stat64() and getdents64() on
    > archs that are currently set up to do so.
    > This patch changes __kernel_ino_t to be "unsigned long long" on all archs, but
    > changes usages of that in struct stat to be the old type so that the userspace
    > interface does not change. The 64-bit division patch is required to get this
    > to link on some archs.
    > struct inode::i_ino and struct kstat::ino have been converted to ino_t.
    > Neither needs moving within the bounds of its parent structure to make sure
    > that they reside on a 64-bit boundary if the structure itself does so.

    NAK. There's no need to touch i_ino and a lot of reasons for not doing
    that. ->getattr() can fill 64bit field just fine without that and there's
    zero need to touch every fs out there *and* add cycles on icache lookups.
    WTF for?

    Filesystems that want 64bit values in st_ino are welcome to
    * set it in ->getattr() and
    * use iget5()

    Less PITA for everyone and less intrusive patch that way.
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