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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/9] sector_t format string
    >> >> Will
    >> >>
    >> >> printk("%S", sector_t);
    >> >>
    >> >> kill at least one kitten?
    >> >
    >> >I like the general idea. I think that having to cast every time you want
    >> >to print a sector number is pretty gross. I had something more like %Su
    >> >in mind, though.
    >> What will happen if you run out of %[a-z] ?
    >My keyboard can produce a lot more characters (even if I ignore the
    >non-ASCII ones).

    Oh yes I know we could use %ö %Д and %私 but that will possibly not amuse
    others outside your locale.
    (Note, it should have been %[A-Za-z])

    Jan Engelhardt
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