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SubjectRe: [PATCH 4/6] ehea: header files


> drivers/net/ehea/ehea.h | 452


You are using this for ethtool get_drvinfo. Im not sure if it should
match the module name, and I worry about having a space in the name. Any
ideas on what we should be doing here?

> +#define NET_IP_ALIGN 0

Shouldnt override this in your driver.

> +#define EDEB_P_GENERIC(level, idstring, format, args...) \
> +#define EDEB_P_GENERIC(level,idstring,format,args...) \
> +#define EDEB(level, format, args...) \
> +#define EDEB_ERR(level, format, args...) \
> +#define EDEB_EN(level, format, args...) \
> +#define EDEB_EX(level, format, args...) \
> +#define EDEB_DMP(level, adr, len, format, args...) \

There are a lot of debug statements in the driver. When doing a review
I stripped them all out to make it easier to read. As suggested by
others, using the standard debug macros (where still required) would be
a good idea.

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