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    SubjectRe: ext4 features
    On Sat 2006-07-08 12:52:17, Krzysztof Halasa wrote:
    > Pavel Machek <> writes:
    > >> > It *was* done. mc supports undelete on ext2.
    > >>
    > >> How does it do that? Directly accessing the device?
    > >
    > > Yes. I used it once or twice, and was not happy when ext3 broke it.
    > I'd say it had to be broken from the beginning. Doing such things
    > on live, mounted filesystem...

    Why not? You use libextfs or how is it called to read the file from
    the disk directly (read-only access), then you write it back using
    regular calls.

    Of course, you can end up with "deleted" data being corrupted if
    kernel reused the area before undelete, or while you were doing
    undelete... but that's expected. They were _deleted_, right?

    (cesky, pictures)
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