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SubjectRe: Implement class_device_update_dev() function
Hi Kay,

> > > But userspace should also find out about this change, and this patch
> > > prevents that from happening. What about just tearing down the class
> > > device and creating a new one? That way userspace knows about the new
> > > linkage properly, and any device naming and permission issues can be
> > > handled anew?
> >
> > This won't work for Bluetooth. We create the TTY and its class device
> > with tty_register_device() and then the device node is present. Then at
> > some point later we open that device and the Bluetooth connection gets
> > established. Only when the connection has been established we know the
> > device that represents it. So tearing down the class device and creating
> > a new one will screw up the application that is using this device node.
> >
> > Would reissuing the uevent of the class device help here?

I am not that familiar with the internals of kobject. Can you give me an
example on how to do that?



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