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SubjectRe: [Suspend2-devel] Re: uswsusp history lesson

> > > Very often, choice is good. but for something this fundamental, it is
> > > not. We also don't have 2 scsi layers for example.
> >
> > We have 2 ide layers, 2 usb-storage drivers, 2 sound systems and we
> (We've had effectively two SCSI layers before now btw when we've done
> transitions from old_eh to new_eh)
> > have had 2 pcmcia subsystems and 2 usb subsystems. At one point, it's
> > the only way to find out what will work out. Suspend2 and uswsusp
> > have very different fundamental designs, and it's quite unclear at
> > that point which one is the right one.
> I'd like to see this cleared up at OLS/Kernel summit.

Unless something very wrong happens, I'll be at OLS/Kernel summit. is going to be interesting week. I expect apparmor flamefest,
and this... Any idea where to buy cheap asbestos underwear? :-)
(cesky, pictures)
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