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SubjectRE: swsusp / suspend2 reliability
> Accept the facts -- for some reason, there is a fairly large 
> user base that goes to all the bother of using suspend2,
> which requires downloading, patching and all the extra work.
> People do it, in spite of the wonderful swsusp being in the
> kernel and all the other extra cool stuff being worked on.
> That is a fact, and all the hand waving won't change it.

Truth is always painful. :-)

Greg had a good article on LWN: There you could find a more painful truth. You know what the real
reason is that suspend2 couldn't get merged? Not Nigel, not Pavel, but Linus, because he personally doesn't care. So if you want to
have a high-quality suspend-to-disk, your best bet is to convince Linus to use it. :-)

(well I'm partly joking here, but the above article and the corresponding thread is a well-worthy read

Some of the Linus quotes that you may find interesting :-)

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