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SubjectRe: libATA PATA status report, new patch
Alan Cox wrote:
> With the exception of HPA and serialize support its now pretty close to
> a straight replacement for drivers/ide on x86 systems (and boxes using
> PCI devices only). There is other stuff that wants improving still like
> error recovery on CRC, but its getting close.
> Please remember that functionality equivalence, and much cleaner code
> doesn't mean less bugs yet, there is a *lot* of testing and hammering on
> the code needed before it is production ready for switching.
> for 2.6.16-rc2 patches.

I wanted to try this today on 2.6.17 but there is no patch for that version
and the patch for 2.6.17-rc4 doesn't apply cleanly. Do you have a newer
patch for this or do I just need to use the ole shoe horn?

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