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SubjectRe: swsusp / suspend2 reliability

> Pavel> I do not think suspend2 works on more machines than in-kernel
> Pavel> swsusp. Problems are in drivers, and drivers are shared.
> Pavel> That means that if you have machine where suspend2 works and
> Pavel> swsusp does not, please tell me. I do not think there are many
> Pavel> of them.
> Accept the facts -- for some reason, there is a fairly large user base
> that goes to all the bother of using suspend2, which requires
> That is a fact, and all the hand waving won't change it.

Users like suspend2 eye candy => swsusp must be unreliable?

I know users that installed swsusp, decided they want progress bars,
and went for suspend2.

> I'm tired of this. It's taking years for Linux to get reasonably working
> suspend facilities, which is a shame. In my opinion a large part of the
> problem is you opposing Nigel's patches. Problem is, for many people
> Nigel's code works while yours does not.

Nigel only submitted his code once, month or so ago, as series of 200
or so patches. Do not blame me for _that_.

Thanks for all the (sleeping) penguins.
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