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    SubjectACPIPNP and too large IO resources
    Hi there!

    Commit 1acfb7f2b0d460ee86bdb25ad0679070ec8a5f0d by Bjorn is causing me
    some grief. Although the patch seems correct, it is triggering another
    misfeature of the system and I am hoping you have a solution.

    Before your patch, the PCI bridge didn't allocate many io ports as they
    were mislabeled as iomem. But now it puts its dirty paws all over the
    entire ISA io port address space, effectively disabling PNP.

    On my machine it steals the ranges 0x0-0xcf7, 0xcf8-0xcff and
    0xd00-0xffff. IOW, the entire range of 0x0-0xffff gets blocked and none
    of the ISA PNP devices can use ports outside this range.

    We can see the same effect in the example given in your commit where
    only the range 0x3b0-0x3df is left open.

    I don't know enough about PNP to determine the problem, but I guess it's
    the section that checks overlaps with other PNP devices that is somehow
    wrong. It could also be that everyone keeps coding their DSDTs wrong,
    but if that's the case then I see little other choice than to be bug

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