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    SubjectRe: strict isolation of net interfaces
    Andrey Savochkin wrote:
    > I still can't completely understand your direction of thoughts.
    > Could you elaborate on IP address assignment in your diagram, please? For
    > example, guest0 wants and addresses on its lo
    > interface, and on its eth0 interface.
    > Does this diagram assume any local IP addresses on v* interfaces in the
    > "host"?
    > And the second question.
    > Are vlo0, veth0, etc. devices supposed to have hard_xmit routines?


    some people are interested by a network full isolation/virtualization
    like you did with the layer 2 isolation and some other people are
    interested by a light network isolation done at the layer 3. This one is
    intended to implement "application container" aka "lightweight container".

    In the case of a layer 3 isolation, the network interface is not totally
    isolated and the debate here is to find a way to have something
    intuitive to manage the network devices.

    IHMO, all the discussion we had convinced me of the needs to have the
    possibility to choose between a layer 2 or a layer 3 isolation.

    If it is ok for you, we can collaborate to merge the two solutions in
    one. I will focus on layer 3 isolation and you on the layer 2.


    - Daniel
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