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SubjectRe: the " 'official' point of view" expressed by regarding reiser4 inclusion
> > And EXT3 imposes practical limits that ReiserFS doesn't as well. The big
> > one being a fixed number of inodes that can't be adjusted on the fly,
> Right. Plan ahead.

Ok: Assume that i've read the mke2fs manpage and added more inodes to
my filesystem.

So: What happens if i need to grow my filesystem by 200% after 1-2
years? Can i add more inodes to Ext3 on-the-fly ?

A filesystem with a fixed number of inodes (= not readjustable while
mounted) is ehr.. somewhat unuseable for a lot of people with
big and *flexible* storage needs (Talking about NetApp/EMC owners)

Why are a lot of Solaris-people using (buying) VxFS? Maybe because UFS
also has such silly limitations? (..and performs awkward with trillions
of files..?..)

Ext3 may be a fine and stable Filesystem and works well for a lot of
people. But there are also a lot of people who need 'something' better
like: VxFS, WAFL and Reiser4.

Btw: Do you know Adics 'StorNext Filesystem' ?
IMHO Ext3 will never be able to do such things...
But with Reiser4.. .. if someone wrote a plugin .. ;-)


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