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SubjectRe: [RFC] Apple Motion Sensor driver

> I'd rather leave it out for now, and merge it when it has a chance to
> work. Merging non-working code is confusing at best.


> > I want this driver to be included in -mm as soon as possible, to get
> > test feedback and to get it included in 2.6.19 (or maybe 2.6.18? Who
> > knows. ;)). Thus I'd like to get your comments, suggestions, etc. on it.
> 2.6.19 at best.

Oh, it's just a driver update for some powermac specific thingy, so
depending how long 2.6.18 takes, I have no problem as the powermac
maintainer letting that in once it's been properly fixed and reviewed.
(Which I don't have time to do right now neither, but possibly later).

There shouldn't be significant changes to the i2c side of it from
Stelian's driver anyway, more like a new backend using the PMU.

> > +config SENSORS_AMS
> > + tristate "Motion sensor driver"
> > + default y
> No, not everyone has this device. We don't have a default for other
> hardware monitoring drivers.
> This should depend on HWMON, and probably EXPERIMENTAL too, until it
> gets some wider testing.
> Also please respect the alphabetical order.

It can stay default y as lons as it depends on PPC_PMAC (which it should
do anyway)

> If you are going to have many source files and a composite module,
> please create your own subdirectory under drivers/hwmon and put all
> your stuff here. The kernel build system is notoriously bad at handling
> multiple composite modules within the same subdirectory.



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