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SubjectRe: Re: [RFC/PATCH] revoke/frevoke system calls V2
On 7/27/06, Alan Cox <> wrote:
> That should be three I think. frevoke and revoke should not return until
> all the existing outstanding is dead. For devices that means we need to
> wake up the device where possible and really suggests we need a device
> ->revoke method. TTY devices need this to allow us to re-implement
> vhangup in terms of revoke. Other devices devices are not all
> sufficiently secure without this check. Some may also want to use this
> hook to ensure that any security context is dead (eg cached crypto
> keys).

Don't device drivers already do that for f_ops->flush (filp_close) and
vm_ops->close (munmap)? What revoke and frevoke do is basically
unmap/fsync/close on all the open file descriptors.

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