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Subject[patch 0/3] [-rt] Fixes the timeout-bug in the rtmutex/PI-futex.
I finally got around to send in the a new version of my fixes to PI. The main
purpose is to fix the timeout bug of the rtmutex/PI-futex. To refresh:

If you try to take a rtmutex or a PI-futex with a timeout on UP machine you
will not get the lock before the owner is done with it anyway. This is because
the owner is boosted to the same priority as your task. When your task gets
the timeout it will not get the CPU and the owner will not be de-boosted
before it releases the lock on it's own.

This series of patches fixes that bug and in general secures the PI code
against similar problems, which might be there, due to the preemptive
PI-walking. Furthermore, it makes setscheduler() do the PI-walking - or
rather make the target task do it.

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