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    SubjectRe: Improvement on memory subsystem
    2006/7/19, Pekka Enberg <>:
    > On 7/18/06, yunfeng zhang <> wrote:
    > > 3. All slabs are all off-slab type. Store slab instance in page structure.
    > Not sure what you mean. We need much more than sizeof(struct page) for
    > slab management. Hmm?

    Current page struct is just like this
    struct page {
    unsigned long flags;
    atomic_t _count;
    atomic_t _mapcount;
    union {
    struct {
    unsigned long private;
    struct address_space *mapping;
    spinlock_t ptl;
    pgoff_t index;
    struct list_head lru;
    #if defined(WANT_PAGE_VIRTUAL)
    void *virtual;
    #endif /* WANT_PAGE_VIRTUAL */
    Most fields in the page structure is used for user page, to a core
    slab page, these aren't touched at all.
    So I think we should define a union
    struct page {
    unsigned long flags;
    struct slab {
    struct list_head list;
    unsigned long colouroff;
    void *s_mem;
    unsigned int inuse;
    kmem_bufctl_t free;
    unsigned short nodeid;
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