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    SubjectRe: utrace vs. ptrace
    Ingo wrote:
    > it wouldnt be fundamentally easier - but lots of policy stuff could be
    > done there which we would otherwise reject to add to the kernel. Like
    > more complex rules for "do we want to dump core for this particular
    > app".

    Reading this brought to mind the 'user exit' hooks that are common
    in IBM's mainframe O.S.'s.

    Their system code does what system code does (and likely a whole lot
    more than Linux would consider doing.) But they also provide many
    places for user level code to get called off a variety of hooks,
    to allow for special cases.

    I had fantasies of our core dumping code using call_usermodehelper()
    to call a user command by a well known path, passing it the pid of
    the corpse. While waiting for the user command to exit, the kernel
    would accept non-default core dump settings via special /sys or /proc
    files for that pid. The user mode helper command could set these
    options before returning (by exiting) to the kernel for the core dump
    to be processed. By default, the user command would do nothing but
    exit and the core dump would proceed as it does now.

    I won't rest till it's the best ...
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