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SubjectRe: "assumed" graphic card memory
> I'd say it needs a framebuffer device which I do not have

Use the PCI variant ;-).

> Also, the PCI path varies a lot

Obviously. The correct PCI path would need to be found first.

(I used "lspci|grep VGA", hehe.)

> None of this works at all on non-Linux systems, for that matter.
> (Wine does run on non-Linux systems, in case you didn't realize that.)

Default to 64MB on those systems.

> This reports the wrong values for me in
> one machine with a 32M video card:
> 134217728

Ok. Guess it's rubbish then, too bad.
Oh well.

> It might be possible to guesstimate the available memory:


But perhaps an easier approach would be to fix every Linux driver
to report the correct number in sysfs. I'm pretty sure each driver
knows how much RAM is on the card already, so it should be trivial..
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