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    SubjectRFC: cleaning up the in-kernel headers
    I'd like to cleanup the mess of the in-kernel headers, based on the 
    following rules:
    - every header should #include everything it uses
    - remove unneeded #include's from headers

    This would also remove all the implicit rules "before #include'ing
    header foo.h, you must #include header bar.h" you usually only see when
    the compilation fails.

    There might be exceptions (e.g. for avoiding circular #include's) but
    these would be special cases.

    As a side effect, this might also lead to additional cleanups.

    This might cause some breakages, but it should usually only be compile
    breakages I'll fix as soon as I see them (or anyone else reports them
    to me).

    My plan is to create a git tree where I'll work on this that will be
    included in -mm.

    Is this OK for everyone?



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