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SubjectRe: [klibc] klibc and what's the next step?
 On Tue, Jul 11, Theodore Tso wrote:

> > In earlier mails you stated that having kinit/klibc in the kernel sources
> > would make it easier to keep up with interface changes.
> > What interface changes did you have in mind, and can you name any relevant
> > interface changes that were made after 2.6.0 which would break an external
> > kinit?
> When you load a SCSI driver (the one that bit me was the MPT Fusion
> driver), it no longer waits for SCSI bus probe to finish before
> returning. So the RHEL4 initrd fails to find the root filesystem, and
> bombs out. This change was definitely made after 2.6.0, and is an
> example of the sort of change which wouldn't have happened if kinit
> was under the kernel sources and not supplied by the distro.

Was RHEL4 designed for 2.6?

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