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SubjectRe: [PATCH -mm] sysfs_remove_bin_file: no return value, no check needed
On Mon, 10 Jul 2006 14:43:42 -0700 Andrew Morton wrote:

> On Mon, 10 Jul 2006 12:29:10 -0700
> "Randy.Dunlap" <> wrote:
> > From: Randy Dunlap <>
> >
> > > In some cases (eg, sysfs file removal) there's not a lot the caller can do
> > > apart from warn, so we should probably change those things to return void
> > > and put a diagnostic message into the callee itself.
> >
> > sysfs_remove_bin_file() cannot tell if there is an error and
> > cannot return an error, so "fix" around 40 must-check warnings.
> >
> > Convert sysfs_remove_bin_file() from int to void since it
> > cannot return an error.
> > Remove __must_check from its declaration.
> > Convert the only function that checked the return value of
> > sysfs_remove_bin_file().
> >
> Yes, I think that's the best way to handle this case.
> But it's still an error if the file isn't there, or if the removal fails
> for some other reason. It means that someone tried to remove a file which
> they didn't add, and that a subsequent attempt to add that file will fail,
> etc.
> So I think a better policy would be to emit a warning from within
> sysfs_remove_bin_file(), then return void. The warning should include the
> stack trace and the filename (if poss).

Hm, OK. Like I wrote, sysfs_remove_bin_file() cannot tell if there
was an error. I can convert sysfs_hash_and_remove() to return
error or success so that sysfs_remove_bin_file() can do as you suggest.

WIP. (work-in-progress, not a whip)

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