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SubjectRe: [Suspend2-devel] Re: uswsusp history lesson

> > > As I said... if that is the case then it'd be easy to first merge "the
> > > right basics", get that solid, and THEN add the features. So far I've
> > > not seen that happen.
> >
> > Well.. Nigel claims his code can not be split into reasonable chunks.
> >
> > I actually wanted to get a version without advanced features
> > (userspace splash, compression, encryption, plugins), but he claims it
> > is not possible. Rafael is trying to persuade him to split out at
> > least freezer out...
> When did you ask for that? Perhaps I missed it.

It was long time ago...

> The modularity is part of the basis of the redesign, so I couldn't easily
> remove that. Removing the compression and encryption support is trivial
> though (one file each, plus Makefile & Kconfig entries - no other
> modifications needed). Userspace splash - well, just don't compile and
> install that userspace component - suspend2 will keep working quite happily
> without any userspace app to do a nice display (it will still do printks, so
> you won't be flying completely blind).

Lets see the patches, then.

> As for the freezer, Rafael doesn't need to persuade me at all. I just need to
> find the time to do what he requested.

(cesky, pictures)
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