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SubjectRe: tty's use of file_list_lock and file_move
On 7/10/06, Alan Cox <> wrote:
> We hold file_list_lock because we have to find everyone using that tty
> and hang up their instance of it, then flip the file operations not
> because we need to protect against tty structs going away. It's needed
> in order to walk the file list and protects against the file list itself
> changing rather than the tty structs. It may well be possible to move
> that to a tty layer private lock with care, but it would need care to
> deal with VFS operations.

Assuming do_SAK has blocked anyone's ability to newly open the tty,
why does it need to search every file handle in the system instead of
just using tty->tty_files? tty->tty_files should contain a list of
everyone who has the tty open. Is this global search needed because of
duplicated handles?

Jon Smirl
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