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SubjectRe: [PATCH] sched.h: increment TASK_COMM_LEN to 20 bytes
>> I think incrementing it would be a good thing, plus other things
>> may want to represent 8 bytes as a character array to be the name
>> of a task thread.
>OK, that's a reason. Being able to map a kernel thread onto a particular
>device is useful.
Eh, that is not the case for some ATM.

Do "migration", "ksoftirqd", "watchdog", "events", "kblockd" and "aio" map
to a particular device besides possibly "CPU"?

"xfslogd", "xfsdatad", and "rpciod" also have one thread per CPU rather
than per-device or per-mount.

"pdflush" even has a variable number of threads running, depending on load.
One thread may serve many mounts/devices, or - I have seen this - eight
instances manage two mounts.

Jan Engelhardt
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