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SubjectRe: RT exec for exercising RT kernel capabilities
jeudi 8 Juin 2006 21:12, Mark Hounschell wrote/a écrit :
> With the ongoing work being done to rt kernel enhancements by Ingo and friends,
> I would like to offer the use of a user land test (rt-exec). The rt-exec tests
> well the deterministic real-time capabilities of a computer. Maybe it could
> useful in some way to the effort or to anyone interested in making this type of
> determination about their kernel/computer.
> A README describing the rt-exec can be found at
In the README, you say :
The exec must be run as root because of the use of mlockall,
sched_setscheduler, and sched_setaffinity calls. Sorry but
there has been no attempt to use the Linux CAPABILITIES API
so that it could be run as regular user.

It's false if you use the LSM patch from here :

Serge Noiraud
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