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    SubjectRe: [Ext2-devel] [RFC 0/13] extents and 48bit ext3
    Andreas Dilger wrote:
    > On Jun 09, 2006 13:04 -0500, Matthew Frost wrote:
    >> Alex Tomas wrote:
    >>> sorry, I disagree. for example, NUMA isn't default and shouldn't be.
    >>> but we have it in the tree and any one may choose to use it.
    >> NUMA is designed to cope with a hardware feature, which not everybody
    >> has. Filesystem upgrades are not qualitatively similar; it does not
    >> depend on one's hardware design as to whether one uses ext3, let alone
    >> extents. Your logic is faulty.
    > If you have a > 8TB block device (which is common in large RAID devices
    > today, will be a single disk in a couple of years) then it is important
    > that your filesystem work with this block device.
    > If ext2 and ext3 didn't support > 2GB files (which was a filesystem
    > feature added in exactly the same way as extents are today, and nobody
    > bitched about it then) then they would be relegated to the same status
    > as minix and xiafs and all the other filesystems that are stuck in the
    > "we can't change" or "we aren't supported" camps.

    PRECISELY. So you should stop modifying a filesystem whose design is
    admittedly _not_ modern!

    ext3 is already essentially xiafs-on-life-support, when you consider
    today's large storage systems and today's filesystem technology. Just
    look at the ugly hacks needed to support expanding an ext3 filesystem


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