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SubjectRe: what processor family does intel core duo L2400 belong to?
On Thu, 8 Jun 2006, George Nychis wrote:

> Hi,
> I am configuring the 2.6.17 kernel for a new thinkpad x60s, and I am wondering
> what processor family to select. The processor is an Intel Core Duo L2400,
> and the gcc people suggested using the prescott march for cflags. It is *not*
> a celeron.

the core duo is a pentium-m (well, a pair of p-m). it's just a branding
change at this point (an annoying brand name too)... future "core2" have a
different microarchitecture but i'd still choose pentium-m for early
kernels on those too... until someone finds some reason to differentiate

you can see it's even the same family as pentium-m... see
<> and search for "Intel P6-core" to see
all the related models in family 6.

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