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SubjectRe: what processor family does intel core duo L2400 belong to?
On 6/8/06, George Nychis <> wrote:
> Put me in your shoes, what would you test to see which one is the true
> choice?

I'd start by seeing which one (if either) will boot the system (with
CONFIG_X86_GENERIC disabled). In the past, when I've had trouble
deciding, this has actually eliminated more possibilities than you
might expect.

Beyond that, I don't know for certain what I would test with. Perhaps
I'd start with lmbench, or if I was using the system for 3D stuff,
perhaps framerates from glxgears or a 3D game. If I was using the
system for network stuff, I'd run network benchmarks. (Perhaps disk
benchmarks would be good too, but my experience is that network
performance tends to suffer first and/or more severely, especially if
Gigabit Ethernet or slow CPU's are involved.)

If both choices boot, the performance difference may be quite small.
-Barry K. Nathan <>
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