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SubjectRe: [NFS] [PATCH] NFS server does not update mtime on setattr request
On Wednesday June 7, wrote:
> Neil, can we get these changes integrated, please?

The discussion has already gone on from here, so I might be covering
old ground, but there seem to be further mentions of still needing the
server patch, so just to be sure it is covered....

My reading of SUS says that
open(O_TRUNC) of an empty file does not update the modify time
truncate() of an empty file does update the modify time

So the server has to be able to support this distinction without being
able to directly know what API call was made on the client.
The patch you suggest makes it impossible to support that distinction.

Possibly the server could make a distinction between when nfsd_setattr
is called directly, and when it is called via nfsd_create{,_v3}. I
would be more open to a patch that makes a distinction there. However
I think that it would be best for the client to be explicit about what
it is doing by setting the right attr flags.


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