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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2.6.17-rc6-mm1 ] net: RFC 3828-compliant UDP-Lite support
Quoting James Morris:
| On Thu, 8 Jun 2006, David Miller wrote:
| > > Understood. Please, anyone, disregard or un-apply the previous
| > > UDP-Lite patch. A revised patch will be prepared and posted as soon
| > > as testing permits.
| >
| > Nobody is going to integrate your patch anywhere, don't worry.
| > You make it clear that once you toss this piece of code over
| > the wall, you'll disappear.
| Having dealt with more than enough code thrown over the wall in recent
| times, I agree.

I understand the points of both of you well enough. But how come this is interpreted
as saying I'd "toss this piece of code over the wall"? I can understand getting tired
of cowboy coding jobs, but there is a misunderstanding here.

Of course do and will I maintain that code and every issue related it. I have been
maintaining, improving, testing this code for 9 months. The protocol spec (RFC 3828)
was developed at University of Aberdeen, and there is continuing research into
UDP-Lite here, i.e. it is not a `dead' project. That is why I held back regarding the
IPv6 port: I can ensure that this (IPv4) code is up to standard and to date, but am
lacking the required additional time to implement the same for IPv6.
I am trying to contact people to help with the port, but for the moment I will take
responsibility only for the IPv4 version.

And if there is someone `well-known and respected' who is interested in taking this code
over, I would only be happy for him/her to do this. But I won't simply `disappear' :-)

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