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SubjectRe: 2.6.17-rc6-mm1
Chris Wright wrote:
> * Stefan Richter ( wrote:
>>The pending_packet_queue is only accessed from within
>>drivers/ieee1394/ieee1394_core.c, and only via net/core/skbuff.c's
>>access functions for queueing/ dequeueing/ queuewalking. Or am I missing
> Quick grep show following two irq handlers as examples:
> ohci_irq_handler() | lynx_irq_handler()
> hpsb_bus_reset()
> abort_requests()
> skb_dequeue()
> spin_lock_irqsave()
> That spin_lock is called directly from within irq handler.

Yes, definitely. What I wanted to reassure myself about was rather that
no other net/ code besides skbuff.c's touches this queue. IOW only the
ieee1394 low and mid layer control the contexts within which the queue
lock is used.
Stefan Richter
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